Digital Printing Services

DIGITal printing Services

Please fill out the form below for your printing needs. After the form is submitted I will contact you with the estimated turnaround time and your total cost. If you are using your own paper: label the box clearly with your name, phone number, email.


Please set up your files using the following requirements:

File name: lastfirstname_imagename.tif or lastfirstname_imagename.psd
PSD or TIF files should be used for best print quality. JPG/JPEG is a compressed file format and does not hold much detail, prints should only be made from this if absolutely necessary. 
Print size: Your image should be sized to print (No larger than 44”x72”)
16 Bit Depth for best quality
Flattened – No Layers
240 PPI/DPI or higher at desired print size
Color space: Adobe RGB (1998) or Grey Gamma 2.2 for B&W
Do not up size to achieve higher PPI/DPI (If you must, only 10% increments at a time and no more than 5 times per image.)

NOTE: The paper on hand is 44" and 24" rolls and maximum print size is "44 x 72". 


Name *
Phone *
Paper Options *
Note: If you choose to use your own paper I will contact you with drop off instructions. Please select from the following paper options: 
Please follow this format for each image – File Name : QTY : Image Size (0x0") : Border Size (0x0") : Paper Type. Please make sure to indicate both the image size and border size in inches. The paper type should be specified per image if there are multiple paper types in one order.
Enter the dropbox link to your files
Please specify if there is a deadline for the order, or any special accommodations needed.